Being-Rome Music & I: Rap Mix

Being-Rome Music & I : Rap Mix

I decided for my first music playlist I would start by introducing some of the newer (or at least new-ish) rap music I’m currently listening to. Drake’s Nice for what was an instant must have as soon as I heard it when he first dropped it. Lil Skies was a more recent edition. I heard him a couple days ago through Instagram (go figure, lol). I actually have him on another playlist as well which I will be posting when I’m done adding some other artists to it. 

Cardi B has two songs on my playlist ‘Get Up 10’ and ‘Bickenhead’. ‘Get Up 10’ is just point-blank realness and I LOVE it for that. ‘Bickenhead’ was more on the lighter side and something to vibe to. Saweetie & Kehlani’s ‘ICY GRL [Bae Mix]’ I heard around the same time I heard Lil Skies and I liked it as well. Most anything with Kehlani though is pretty dope anyways so no surprises there. J. Cole, his whole EP was good, but I decided to choose Window Pain – Outro, because like 99.999% of his songs (yea I’m a fan, lol) it’s real and he’s saying some true stuff.

Devvon Terrell I heard his song ‘Born Sinner’ on one of those reality shows and added it right then to one of my playlists. With NF it was the same with his song ‘My Life’. Hustle Gang I heard their EP maybe two months ago and added their song ‘Want Smoke’ to a playlist then a long with a couple other songs. Young Thug’s song ‘Anybody’ is a vibey (look at me making up words, lol) type song, so was 2 Chainz ‘LAND OF THE FREAKS’. To round it off I have City Girls, Jessica Dime, and Slim Jxmmi with their swaggy type songs. Overall this rap mix I put together gives a taste of vibes. It’s something different for me, considering some of the artists on it, but I like to step outside my comfort zone and give new music a chance.

Take a listen to the playlist below. Are there any songs on the playlist you like? Or any songs from these artists that you like?

Thanks for taking the time out to visit my blog and I hope you enjoy. Hope you enjoyed. If you like this post or any other post feel free to share it and leave a comment if you want. 

Rome White 

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