Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season Review

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season Review
By: Rome White

The Love & Hip Hop series took us to ATL this season, where we met some very "interesting" characters.

Mama D:

Overall Mama D was an okay edition to the show, she is a woman who loves her son (a little too much at times), and because of her constant sheltering Scrappy and encouraging his behavior he has all kinds on relationship issues. She did keep me laughing though.

Most Memorable Moment: Mama D calling Erica a B-I-C-T-H "In that order" (lol)

Lil Scrappy:
"The Prince of Crunk" and "Atlanta Royalty". Scrappy had an interesting storyline for the season it starts with him going back to his baby mama Erica (which he cheated on with rapper Diamond). They look as though they were doing okay, that is until Scrappy decides Erica showing him the affection he wants was taking a little too long for his liking and he reverted back to his old ways (cheating on Erica again this time with Shay...smh).

Most Memorable Moment: "Imma have to put then paws on him" (in reference to Stevie J disrespecting Erica).

Scrappy baby mama and a strong independent woman (love it). She works hard to provide for her and her child and doesn't depend on Scrappy or anyone else. I like the fact she was willing to give Scrappy a second chance and when he messed it up (again) she didn't hesitate to kick him to the curve.
Most Memorable Moment: Standing up to Mama D, and not feeding into Scrappy lies.

All I can say is Thirsty Much?
Most Memorable Moment: None

Rasheeda and Kirk
Rasheeda has been doing her thing for years. I love the fact that she put her marriage before her career. The thing I didn't like was Kirk not being as supportive of her signing with Deb like she wanted to do.
Most Memorable Moment: Rasheeda and Kirk renewing their vows :)

K. Michelle:
The girl has talent point blank period. I do agree with what she said though people know her songs but don't know her. I wish K. Michelle the best and I can't wait to hear a new cd from her (already got Bury My Heart on repeat).
Most Memorable Moment: "Oooh this bitch is shaking da table" and "I googled your name a brand of vinegar" (both in reference to Karlie Redd) lmao.

Karlie Redd: aka Vinegar
Thirsty for a hit, and even though she is about 60 years old she stays dressed (most of the time), and her weave is nice (for the most part). Didn't like how she did Benzino and she's too hung up on her nonexistent music career so she missed out on love. She did however show she bounces back and will date/flirt/sleep with every man in the industry though (L.A. Reid son, Benzino, and even Roscoe Dash) but I don't judge, so do what works for you Vinegar.
 Most Memorable Moment: Getting mad when Benzino took the ring back and going off talking about how she "made him" lol ...really Vinegar?

Wasn't on the show much, but was involved with Vinegar aka Karlie Redd, sadly it didn't work out.
Most Memorable Moment: Closing the ring box and putting it in his pocket after Vinegar messed up (rotf). That was one of the best scenes this season.

A GOOD friend to MiMi. She just wants the best for MiMi and lets it be known, lol.

Most Memorable Moment: Trying to convince MiMi to leave Stevie J.

MiMi came off as being very strong in the beginning, but her giving Stevie J chance after chance even after finding out he was cheating is a bit much, but like I said I don't judge so if she's happy then good for her. I would like to see her move on to a better man and find true happiness.
Most Memorable Moment: I think MiMi was just memorable in general.

Stevie J:
Where should I begin? Dude was so full of himself but I guess that's what happens when all the females seem to do what you want. I mean I know d*ck is a powerful thing but dayum dude had baby mama and his “artist” going to therapy together (I need to step my sex game up lmao). I didn't care too much for him, but did appreciate the fact he was an honest cheater. Glad the season is over because if I had to see him poke them ugly lips out one more time like he was scaring somebody I would have lost it.
Most Memorable Moment: during the therapy session wearing an "I Am God" shirt. Smh really? Maybe he got the "g" and "d" confused and the shirt was suppose to read "I Am a Dog"...just saying.

Joseline: aka Jose
I had to save the best for last. Jose really gave the show life. He kept me laughing, and you never knew what hairstyle he would have. He "woved Stebie" and "peoples just don't understand" lol. I like the fact he accepted Stevie as being a liar/cheater/dogg. Jose really is, in the words of Grandma Karlie Redd: “ride or die for her man”.
**Just to clear in up, yes I know Jose is a “woman”, but if it looks like a man, and is enhanced like a female then it must be Joseline.  
Most Memorable Moment: Sucker punching Stevie J during therapy.

Tune in Next week, I will be posting my thoughts on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Pt. 1 and 2.

Photo Source(s):, Google, and Paras Griffin/Courtney Loves/James Pray/; YBF Correspondents: Kisha Marshall & Dia Easley

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season Review Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season Review Reviewed by Rome White on 8/28/2012 03:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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