My Top 5: Fashion Week in Stockholm Sweden picks

My Top 5: Fashion Week in Stockholm Sweden picks
By: Rome W.

I recently had the privilege of looking over some of the photos from the Swedish School of Textiles for Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week. All of the designs were “unique” to say the lease (smiles), below are my Top 5 pics from the event and an overview of what I thought of each design.
5. Maria Sofia Bahlner
This was a very interesting choice of design by Maria. Now personally I don’t know where you can wear his but this made my top 5 because who doesn’t love balls? Lol…
4. Sara Luhdberg
This is very, very creative and I’m all about self expression so this floral arrangement fashion piece had to be in my top 5. I am really feeling the shades as well; it kind of adds something different yet compliments the piece.

3. Daniel Bendzovski
I LOVE the color white so of course Mr. Bendzovski had to make my list. The fluffy white piece is definitely a statement piece, the only drawback would be having all your backside showing (Not that it’s a bad thing…smiles).
2. Maria Sofia Bahlner
Another piece from Bahlner, and again she makes my top 5. I love this look; it seems to be chinchilla inspired from the actual dress, to the matching boots. I love chinchillas so I had to add this one to the list. I guarantee if you’re seen in this in New York you will most def. be turning heads.
1. Daniel Bendzovski
Mr. Bendzovski did it again! This piece is definitely…different. I like the fact he went for a fluff look because it gives all top and bottom so much flare, the color choices are statement setters, and the boots completed the look.
Okay, so I know I said I was doing only the top 5, but how could I leave this look out?

This casual look really grabbed my attention. Look at how a blazer is paired with a button up colored blouse, a printed skirt, and topped off with a hat.  The pig tails lets you know this is a casual look and it can most def. be rocked if that’s what you’re into.




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