A Review of Fashion's Night Out: Know the trends before you go

A Review of Fashion's Night Out: Know the trends before you go
By: Rome White

I just read a very interesting article on CBSNews.com about some of the top trends for the year. Fashion's Night Out is a true inspiration to us fashionista’s (smiles). This year is Fashion’s Night Out 4th year running, and the event focuses on the “now” trends, versus what was hot this year or what will be hot next year.

For most that are not into fashion they can’t fathom the importance of not only knowing what is going to be “in” next year, but what is “in” right now. The “now” is what matters. Trends are contagious and affect nearly everyone’s day to day life from the watch some may wear, to the polo shirt choice you make (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Alfani, etc.), to the hottest hair styles. This is the time where what’s in “now” is showcased. So take a look below at some of the hottest trends out now, and click here or the link below to read the full article.

Winter white

Who said you couldn't wear white after Labor Day? Off-white had made it on to many of this year's fall trends list. "I think it's a value-based thing because it can take you from fall into spring, where you can wear your off-white dress with brown boots, or brown suede shoes or black," Lombardo said. "And then in the spring you can wear it with a metallic sandal."

Cascerceri echoed those sentiments. One of her must-have items for the fall is either a white jacket or vest.

"You just have to dress it properly," she said. "You don't want to wear a white blacker or vest with something floral or pastel." Instead pair it with something fall-oriented, like a pair of military-style cargo pants.



Be prepared to see a lot of jewel-toned colors this fall. Burgundy will also be big. Refinery 29 and Budget Fashionista see metallics and shines peeking through this fall, too. Marie Claire calls black and blue an "it" color combination for autumn.



Leather will once again appear in a big way this fall. So, if you don't already have a staple leather jacket, now might be the time to splurge. "We're still seeing a ton of leather -- leather pants, leather jackets," Lombardo said. Leather dresses, too.

If you already have a favorite leather piece, then think color. Lombardo expects we will see leather in interesting colors like grays and greens. "It says to us that it's [leather] going to be a larger part of your wardrobe," she added.

Also keep an eye on patent leather - if you dare. Budget Fashionista picks it as one of this season's hottest trends: "We do love a good shot of patent leather, and this fall the textile gods have seen fit to gift us with a trend that would allow us to do patent in a big, big way. That being said, decent patent is pricey (and cheap patent coats look, well, cheap) so we're thinking to incorporate the trend in a more reserved item" - like a vest.


Accessories: Don't forget the bauble

No great outfit would be complete without the right accessories. A look at the fall 2012 runways found strong statement jewelry pieces.

Baublebar fashion director Shoshanna Fischhoff told CBSNews.com she sees three jewelry trends this fall.

"There was definitely an air of opulence on the runways, and that gave way to some amazing bejeweled pieces, she said." The second trend is proof positive that the 'Rooney Mara Effect' is still in full force, with metal and spikes still important jewelry themes. This season, though, they have softened, and cleaner, more polished silhouettes are succeeding their more overtly punk predecessors."

The final trend, Fischhoff says, is animal-themed jewelry.

"I can never get enough of it, whether it's an animal skin piece, a great print treatment, or a more literal animal motif," she said.

Source: CBSNews.com
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