My Top 5 picks from The Chanel 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

My Top 5 picks from The Chanel 2012 Fall/Winter Collection
By: Rome White

Chanel #5
So this look came in number five because it’s a spin on the simple black dress. The look gives you some edge with the strapless sleeveless look and the scarf piece. Yet it gives you that feminine flare with the long matching black gloves, but gives you a little more edge with the fingers being cut out of the gloves. The piece is definitely one to look at.
Chanel #4
This look came in number four and I know most of you may be wondering why. Well its simple the colors. I love the lavender look with the hints of green, bronze, pink, and a little purple. Since this is the Winter/Fall collection it’s nice to see a little color as to say so long spring and summer (with the hints of green and pink), and hello to autumn (with the hints of bronze) and with the sleeveless design and what could be thought of as a scarf around the neck it makes it a nice addition for the autumn/fall wardrobe.

Chanel #3
I chose this look as the third look because I like the top half design. It’s different and somewhat reminiscent of a star shape, and it’s all black. The long feeling of the design takes the focus off of anything else but the top half of the design. It was a nice look to see the pant underneath and along with the star shaped cut out for the top half it gives it an edgy yet simple look.

Chanel #2
This look came in number two because I love the jacket. That’s the main piece of the design the Pièce de résistance of the ensemble. The rugged type look with the color scheme mixed with the femininity with the hints of lavender makes this a super hot piece to be added to the fall/winter wardrobe.

Chanel  #1
This had to make the No. 1 spot. Look how adorable the little one is with the little Chanel blazer and Chanel bag is beyond adorable. The color scheme of what seems to be either navy blue or plum along with the matching bag, and the Chanel logo embroidered the same color on the blazer, with the matching color polo shirt underneath had this little tyke steal the show.

Source: fashionising, Phresh Hott New
My Top 5 picks from The Chanel 2012 Fall/Winter Collection My Top 5 picks from The Chanel 2012 Fall/Winter Collection Reviewed by Rome White on 9/10/2012 01:26:00 PM Rating: 5

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