Tamar Braxton-Love & War (Official Song)

Article By: Rome White

It was just two years ago that Braxton Family Values the show that would help to re-launch the youngest of the Braxton’s solo career aired....

 Tamar quickly made a name for herself with the catchy “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, and the oh so famous “Get Cha Life”. She was the favorite of the show and during the second season of Braxton Family Values she surprised fans with her newest reality show which featured Tamar and her husband Vincent Hebert entitled: Tamar & Vince (one of my favorite shows).

The show helped to further establish her brand and to make her a household name. The show also had a dual purpose which was to show Tamar preparing to be a solo artist (which she had previously talked about on Braxton Family Values). The show helped to show that the youngest Braxton was very serious about being a solo artist, and even treated us to a showcased of some of her new music.

Anyone who truly knows me will agree that I don’t write articles for ANYTHING that I don’t support 100%. With that being said Tamar has released her first single Love & War and to sum up the song in one word I would say its “Amazing”. The lyrics, the beat/production, and most importantly the vocals set the bar when it comes to true R&B music.

With music now a day’s focusing more on “What’s in” versus true raw talent, amazing lyrics, and a great production and beat. It’s refreshing to hear a song of this magnitude. So if you love real music and you haven’t already done so take a listen to the song below and see why it’s a top hit on iTunes and so many people (including myself) have the song on repeat.

Tamar Braxton-Love & War (Official Song) Tamar Braxton-Love & War (Official Song) Reviewed by Rome White on 12/08/2012 12:01:00 AM Rating: 5

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