GO BIG…For Men’s fall 2013 Fashions

Out with the old and in with the new…the newest trend that is. For the past 2 years we have seen the more form fitting body conscious look in men’s fashion, from the 50’s inspired suits, to the form fitting jackets but say bye bye to those looks, and hello to the more laxed look we will be seeing this fall. The look was first seen in last winter’s fall preview, and will be seen first in stores like H&M, and Zara and Topman these stores will be the test stores to see the reaction’s of the newest trend with the male customers.

Pictured above is some of the looks you can expect to see hitting stores this fall (the three looks above are from the Dolce & Gabanna Fall/Winter 2013-14 Menswear Collection). The first look on the far left isn’t so bad; it’s more of a casual type look that I wouldn’t mind wearing. The other two looks are okay not really my style but hey I’m sure the right person could pull the look off. So this fall/winter season expect to see wider cut pants, roomier suit jackets and overcoats that will more than likely hang on the shoulder. 

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