Okay, So I was approached by Dawn to do an article for her fashion blog and was excited and honored (little did she know I was already keeping tabs on her blog and loved her personal So I agreed to write an article for her site under one condition, that was that she be a featured blogger on my site as well. To make a long story short she agreed and here are the hott fruits of her labor. Hope everyone enjoys the article as much as I did.


By: Dawn Gibson-Thigpen 

Hi Ladies and Gents,

Over the past few months, I keep hearing the "Over-The-Knee" & the "Knee Length" boot referred to as "The Return Of", as if to say they left and came back. Well while booties and mid-calf boots have been more on trend the past few years, the Tall Boot; as I call it, has never went out of style. This boot is always, and will always be on point, trending or not. It can be sleek and sophisticated, and also rugged, sassy and tough. I mean really, who can go wrong with this classic look. 

Take a look at these classic styles, with a twist! 


Check out Nadja Bender working a pair of Thigh Highs by Chanel!

And let's not forget Jenn Klein in Casadei! Work it!

Now, let's look at the Knee Length Boot; which are still on every fashionistas high priority list as a must have! Does Joan really look like she is trying to put these in the back of a closet for a bootie? 

Joan Small in Christian Louboutin Knee High Boots for V Magazine Fall 2013

Not gonna even waste my breathe on Marlou van Oss ! The swag she is delaying in this photo speaks volumes!

So to reiterate! HECK NO, the Tall Boot is not dead, and never was! The booties and mid-calf boot are not going anywhere anytime soon either. However, it's the "Over The Knees" and "Knee Lengths" time to shine. So go ahead and brush the dust off the TB's, and work them! 

But before I go, I would like to leave you with some Food For thought! Over the years I have learned that just because something is not trending doesn't mean it shouldn't be rocked, worked and worked again! I know as fashion lovers we are always trying to stay on trend, and wear what is current, but sometimes being off trend is setting a new trend. 

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Have A Happy Healthy day, and remember to Always...
Stay Sassy!

Source: Bootlovers

You can find Dawn at: 

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  1. Thanks Sue. Can't wait to see what boots everyone will be rocking this season.

  2. This is a great post a good food for thought. Tall boots don;t look good on me because I'm short, but I think they look great on women who can rock them. I'm excited to see the boot trends for the season.

  3. Thanks Sue and Sahily for the comments!



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