Men’s Trend Alert: Checkered Suits

I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on men’s fashion and it seems I have come across one of the hottest trends invading the winter 2013 season and will even make its way into the new year. The trend ironically enough is the check pattern, which hasn’t been as fashionable in the US since around the late 1970’s.

It seems that nowadays men are choosing to be a bit more adventurous with their wardrobes, and the suits have not been excluded. For now it’s all about standing out so no longer will the plain blue and black do. So no more just being another blue or black suit in the crowd, Stand Out! Be Bold!! And most importantly BE SEEN!!! Below are some of the designers who took the plaid/check suit and revived some life back into the look.

Gagliardi Checkered Suit's

Tom Ford Checkered Suits

Valentino's Checkered Suits

John Varvatos Checkered Suit's

GQ's What to Wear Now: How to Wear a Plaid Suit

Source(s): YouTubeFashionbeans

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