ADDICTED SOCIETY is a clothing line founded by young Entrepreneurs striving for success. Originally founded by Eddie Mensah aka Creative Crime an artist/graphic designer who had a vision of making urban clothing that would be worn by others around the world, ADDICTED SOCIETY is a clothing line that will inspire all. Original Founder Eddie Mensah had this to say about the clothing line: “I love all my art creations and appreciate the love I get back in return when I see others wearing my creation, it takes a lot of hard work in the creative process of making my line but I’m here to feed everyone’s addiction”. What’s your addiction?

Check out some of the latest gear from Addicted Society’s Women’s line, and for even more fresh gear (both men and women) and to buy the gear check out their site in the link below.

First- Luxury Royal Rose Crop Top


Second- Bad Girl Annie Hoodie


Third- Black Panther Crew-Neck


Social Media:

Twitter: AddictedSociety

Instagram: addictedsociety

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