Being-Rome: Rome White Top 5 Picks for Men’s Leather Jackets 2016 Edition

I remember the first time I did this it was my 10 Men’s Leather Jackets for any Budget I wasn’t expecting the overwhelming views I got. Who knew that an article on men’s leather jackets would be that popular? Well I decided for Autumn/Winter 2016 and the launch of a new URL I would do another piece on men’s leather jackets. This time though I went through some of my favorite sites to shop from (Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale’s) to get some inspiration on some leather jackets that I felt would be worthy of investing in this 2016 season.

If you’re new to my blog, first, welcome, secondly, I tend to surprise with some of my fashion choices. If you are someone who has followed my blog in the past you know that I don’t tend to stick to the norm when it comes to fashion and with these picks it wont be any different. I didn’t stick to the classic all black concept of a leather jacket for all of my picks, and some of the picks are uniquely designed. Oh, and one more thing when I researched and wrote the article it was in July/August 2016 so some of the jackets might still be available while others...not so much. So without any further ado here are my top picks for the 2016 men’s leather jackets.



I chose this Vince lambskin leather jacket because of its simple design and fit. It doesn’t have any elaborate design elements to it and it’s easy on the eye. I like that its classic black, but what I love about it is the hood that’s integrated into the design. I love hoodies and the fact that you get a leather jacket with a hoodie has me sold.

I chose this distressed cow leather dark sand leather jacket because of the asymmetrical zipper. I like the unique look of this Helmut Lang jacket. When I was scrolling through the list of jackets I was pleasantly surprised to come across this one. For those who want a break from the classic black look, and want to try something different I think this might be something worth looking at.

I like pockets and this Lanvin calf leather jacket gives me just that. With four different pockets to choose from, an asymmetric zipper, and the contrasted quilted elbow this leather moto jacket is definitely one worth looking at for the edgier trendsetter.

When I first saw this croc-embossed lambskin leather hoodie I knew it had to make my top 5. I mea look at it. It’s definitely a unique piece. I like the fact that It has side slash pockets, the croc-embossed look, and on top of all of that it’s a hoodie. I like leather jackets that have hoodies…but only if its done right. To me it makes it more of a versatile piece. Its also in classic black so that’s a plus as well.


I think I was drawn to this jacket more so for its edgier appeal. It gives you the classic “biker” leather look from the zipper to the stud accents, but with a modern twist. The modern twist comes in from the asymmetric zipper that gives it a trendier feel.

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Being-Rome: Rome White Top 5 Picks for Men’s Leather Jackets 2016 Edition Being-Rome: Rome White Top 5 Picks for Men’s Leather Jackets 2016 Edition Reviewed by Rome White on 10/31/2016 10:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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