Rome White Top 5 Hermes SS2016 Men’s Collection

Rome White Top 5 Hermes SS2016 Men’s Collection

Welcome to another rousing edition of Rome White’s Top 5 whoops I meant Top 3 (this week) for the Hermes SS2016 Men’s Collection.  I have to say I was a little disappointed with the pieces this time around (sigh). I did find a couple of pieces I did like, not in love with them but I do like them, so I decided I would post them. Between the Hermes collection and my previous run-in with the CK SS2016 men’s collection I’m not really feeling to “inspired” in the direction fashion seems to be going. Without further ado here are my Top 3.

Coming in at number three is this look. I like the shirt. I mean not to much to say on the look besides the shorts match the shirt so it’s a complete look so its something easy to throw on and go.

Coming in at number two, I only like the shirt. I think the only reason I like the shirt is because the rings on the arms remind me of the long white tube socks I had when I was younger with a similar color pattern.

The number one look from the collection is this jacket. First time I saw it I had to do a double take. It was finally something from the whole collection to look at that didn’t bore me or wasn’t drab. It stood out. It was a very nice piece. I love how the two hues of blue compliment each other on this jacket. It’s definitely an attention grabber but in a good way. I’m sure it was the highlight of the entire show.

What did you think of these looks?

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Source: Fashionising
Rome White Top 5 Hermes SS2016 Men’s Collection Rome White Top 5 Hermes SS2016 Men’s Collection Reviewed by Rome White on 8/02/2016 12:46:00 PM Rating: 5

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