Being-Rome: Drake - Child's Play [VISUAL]

I am dying laughing right now. Watching the visual for Drake’s Child Play featuring Tyra Banks. Drake forgot his phone at the table, I’m like dude where they do that at? That’s not the worse part though Tyra went through the phone and slid it back over to his side so nice like she hadn’t went through it. So you know what’s coming for him smh, lol.

OB O’Brien makes his hilarious appearance in the visual as well, and he had me tripped out. I wasn’t really expecting him to say anything he said lol. His prayer though smh, WARNING if you are overly religious I would avoid listening to it lol.

Overall it was a decent visual for his first one. Shout out to co-directors Drake and Spliff TV for pulling this one off. Now I’m even more interested in seeing his Please Forgive Me short film that is suppose to be dropping on September 30th.

Being-Rome: Drake - Child's Play [VISUAL] Being-Rome: Drake - Child's Play [VISUAL] Reviewed by Rome White on 9/04/2016 04:34:00 PM Rating: 5

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