Being-Rome: Balmain Men’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Being-Rome: Balmain Men’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

I was recently scrolling through the eighty-three looks from the Balmain Men’s (Pre) Fall 2017 collection. I ddint know exactly what to expect, but I do know when it comes to Olivier Rousteing its best to expect the unexpected, lol. He tends to keep you on your toes (along with a few other designers). This year’s men’s looks were as he put it “a hymn to music meets fashion”. I’m an avid music lover, and I do love my fashion (more so the style aspect of it, but still).

So, I was indeed intrigued to see what creations Mr. Rousteing came up with. Oh, one more thing before we delve into some of the looks that I like from the collection, the Men’s FW17 collection also featured some women models as well in what we can assume are some of the women’s (pre) fall 2017 collection. Without any further ado, let’s get into some of the looks that I liked from the collection.

Look 12
For this look I liked the classic army fatigue look paired with the extraness of an exaggerated collar. If it doesn’t keep you warm at least you will look like your warm and look stylish doing it. 

Look 26
For this look, I liked that it gives off this real laid back casual feel. That and it is still kind of stylish with the darker colors which you expect to see in the Fall and Winter months. For me this look would appeal to those who want to wear Balmain, but aren’t necessarily into the bolder looks Mr. Rousteing produces. 

Look 27
When I first saw this look I had to do a double take. It made me feel like if I put it on I could conquer the world or something. Like Ebert & Roeper (if fashion was a movie) I give this jacket two thumbs up. The exaggerated collar/hood, the use of the leather in all the right places. I definitely would love this jacket. Don’t know if it would keep me warm, but I would definitely be stylin’ with my shades on.

Look 30
Winter Wonderland call it Alice, stylin’. Any who, lol I liked the top because its not the norm of any sweater I’m use to seeing. It won’t do much for keeping you warm, but it is pretty to look at.  

Look 38
For this look I think I was just drawn to the embellishments, it’s just so much of it. This is definitely a change for the little black jacket so I like it.

Look 46
This takes black, white, boots, and fishnets to a whole other level. I wonder how long it took him to come up with the concept for this look. I really like this look. Its different, and bold.

Look 56
You ever played the game Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition? Well I ask because it’s a ninja on there named Noob and to me if he wanted to dress a little more stylish he could most def pull this look off. It gives me that karate type vibe.

Look 58
This is a shorter version of Look 56, so it made the list as well. I mean if you’re not going for the whole stylish ninja thing then this one might do a little better for you.

Look 67
It looks like either a panther and a dragon wrestling or a panther catching a ride on a dragon. Either way its way cool, so it had to make the list, lol. The detailing is so beautiful. I even like the robe/sweater/jacket she’s wearing with it.

Look 72
Okay so if you’ve seen Mortal Kombat at all you should be familiar with Sub Zero. Dude, this look would look totally great on him (if he was a ninja into designer fashions that is, lol). I don’t know if it would be good for he to fight it, but he would be the sharpest dressed ninja in the room I’m just saying.

Look 73
I dunno, when I first saw the picture I instantly liked it. The past 20 times I’ve looked through the pictures while writing this up I still like it. It just draws my attention. I like how one shoulder uses the fishnet and how the other is covered. I also like how a part of the chest is exposed with the use of the fishnet but not in a perverted way, but in an artistic way.

Look 80
This is like an extended look of Look 73 in a way. I loved the use of the darker color patterns as well as the way the fishnet is used to expose a little shoulder and a little of the chest. It was well designed.

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