Being-Rome: Rome White Banana Republic Ready-To-Wear Spring 2017 Picks

I was recently looking at the Spring Ready-To-Wear and happened along Banana Republic's collection. To be honest I didn't know exactly what to expect. Now don't get me wrong I know Banana Republic does have some stylish clothing options, but when it comes to runway shows I know how "over the top" most collections can be (not that there is anything wrong with that). That, along with it being my first time looking at a Banana Republic collection I was curious about what I would be seeing.

I can say that I was not disappointed. They had some really nice looks for their Spring Ready-To-Wear Collection. The collection featured both men's and women's fashion so it was a double treat and I enjoyed every minute of it. I picked a few of the looks I liked from the collection to share with you my loyal readers. I hope you enjoy the looks as much as I did. So without further ado let's get into the looks.

Look 1
She just looked real confident in this look, so for that reason I was like you know what this look is hott. The color isn't bad either, paired with some shades def one for the Spring/Summer season. 

Look 2
I like how it leaves one shoulder out. The vertical/horizontal type stripes give it some dimension. Not the greatest look mind you, but a look you can throw on and go to the store or something. 

Look 7
This orange/tangerine (or whatever color its suppose to be) jumper is the one. When I saw it I knew it would be one of my picks. I just simply liked it when I saw it. It's bright, sleeveless, and elongates the legs all great for a Spring/Summer look if you as me. 

Look 9
When I tell you he's dressed, lol. I like the short jacket paired with the shorter one. Layering is something that you usually see in the Fall/Winter season so to see it in the Spring is cool. the look is topped off with the Riley slip-ons that match the overall look. 

Look 24
He's sharp. When I tell you this right here is a look that transcends any one particular season. This look right here is a look and style that I would love to wear EVERYDAY. He is really on point. Banana Republic really pulled out all the stops with this look. 

Look 25
For the working Woman who wants to be stylish and low-key at the same time this look is for you. The darker colors (nay blue pant, and top) paired with the denim colored top to give it that umph. Makes this a great look for the office, or a business casual look. 

Look 32
For the business man on the go. Go from the office to catching a business flight with this look. To me it looks more so business casual. 

Look 40
 You have to be very secure in yourself to wear a checkered suit. I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE this look which is why it made the list, but it is a dizzying design, lol. It's different and I say Dare to be Different. 

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Rome White

📸: Courtesy of Banana Republic

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