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I received an email from Kjay owner of Kjays Closet about two weeks ago so I decided I would take a look at his page. Kjay runs an online business that is based out of Memphis, TN that sales fashion accessories for both men and women (i.e. hats, sunglasses, jewelry). I didn’t know what to expect when first going on to view the site, but I was happy I did. I saw a lot of neat hats (snapbacks) and other accessories I could use to style my clients.

I actually have my eyes on one of the hats and will be trying to get my hands on it ASAP lol. The prices are affordable and should fit into almost any fashionistas budget. The pics displayed throughout the article are a few items from KJay’s site to give you a feel for what to expect from his site, and the affordability.

I also had the pleasure of conducting a short interview with Kjay, read below to see what he had to say. 

Interview with Kjay

R. White: What inspired you to get into fashion?
Kjay: Well, here In Memphis Tennessee I feel that everyone dresses the same. When you look at someone’s 
attire it’s suppose to express something. In my opinion when all of your clothes come from the mall you tend to lack individuality. Which leads to being in the same room with someone else in your outfit. 
So that made me want to start Kjays Closet, which will offer a wide range of Vintage, Retro, designer & custom made items for people from all walks of life.

R. White: How did you first get into styling friends?
Kjay: Well it simple all my friends like what I was starting to put together. My look was changing from a preppy standard teenager look, which was wearing only polo shirts, into a more personally expressed street style, that you commonly see in California. Everyone wanted that look because it was different, so I just ended up helping others. We would never go to the mall, only thrift stores, and we would always find fly gear. Sometimes even designers items.

R. White: What made you want to open an online store?

Kjay: Besides the income that I knew I would be making. I wanted to be able to reach people all over the world. They fact that a hat I sold on my website can make a kid in Africa Or New Zealand smile is a really good feeling. I basically wanted a larger platform to showcase my merchandise on, and promote myself.

R. White: How can customers pay for items on your site? And when can they expect to receive them?

Kjay: You can add your items to the cart; go through the simple check out process, and the purchase though PayPal.
Also they can expect to receive your items in 2- 3 business days. If they would like rush delivery, they can leave us a message through our website on the contact page, and we will respond to them within 24 hours.

R. White: How often are new items added to your site?

Kjay: New items are added bi weekly, but when we start to add clothes to our site for men and women, they will be added seasonally and will reflect custom, vintage looks, and designer look from runway shows from fashion week.

All accessories featured in the article and even more can be found on his website: http://kjayscloset.bigcartel.com if you see something you like buy it and help to support small businesses. 

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