Being-Rome Boss Brands: Pyer Moss

Being-Rome Boss Brands: Pyer Moss

I was perusing fashion brands and came across Pyer Moss website. The aesthetic drew me in, but it was the designs themselves that kept me there. Some of the looks I like from Collection 3 can be seen in another article (link provided below, or just Click Here). Here’s a little about the brand.  

Pyer Moss was founded in 2013 by Kerby Jean-Raymond.

Jean-Raymond describes the brand as an “art project” or “a timely social experiment” at times. Pyer Moss aims to use its voice and platform to challenge social narratives and evoke dialogue.

Pyer Moss continues to redefine itself every season with collections and runways that combine storytelling, activism, debate, theatre and social commentary; all while using collaboration with artists and brands as a medium to further the dialogue around seasonal themes.

The Pyer Moss collections are produced in New York City, Italy and Portugal.

Pyer Moss is sold limitedly and in no particular schedule at exclusive high-end boutiques worldwide. In 2018, Pyer Moss launched its highly anticipated collection with Reebok named “Reebok by Pyer Moss” as part of their newly announced partnership with the footwear giant. 

As promised looks I liked from Pyer Moss Collection 3: Being-Rome Style: Rome White Top 10 Pyer Moss Spring 2020 Ready-To-Wear

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