Being-Rome Style: Rome White Top 10 Pyer Moss Spring 2020 Ready-To-Wear

Being-Rome Style: Pyer Moss Spring 2020 Ready-To-Wear

Set The Scene: [From the Designer] For "American, Also; Lesson 3." named "Sister" we focus on the contributions of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the black woman who invented Rock 'N' Roll. The collection uses artwork of recently exonerated artist, Richard Philips. To commemorate Tharpe's life. For this final runway of the "American, Also." series, The location has been set at Kings Theatre. A legendary concert hall in Kerby Jean-Raymond's hometown of Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Intro: I had the privilege of viewing photos from Pyer Moss Spring 2020 Ready-To-Wear collection. After reading the vision for the collection and setting the mood, I was excited to view the pieces. Let me tell you he didn’t disappoint. Previous to this I’ve heard of the brand, but I didn’t really know a lot about it. After learning about Pyer Moss I became interested and started looking at the collections. Below are my Top Ten (in no particular order) favorites from the collection with me explaining what I like and why. 

Did you like any of the pieces? If so which ones? Let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear from you. So without any further ado let’s get into the collection. 

[Look 1]
Love the colors, patterns, and design. The look is Rock ‘N’ Roll without even trying. It’s a bold yet confident look. It’s a versatile look that can go from a casual to club look. Flats to heels. All around great look. 

[Look 5]
Two of my favorite colors together? This one definitely had to make my list of favorites from the collection. The look comes off so effortless in beauty and edge. Beauty for the color choices, and the design choice to have it flowing as if light as a feather. Edgy because of the distinct V cut and the placement of it.

[Look 8]
I like Look 8. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it. Again, another two of my favorite colors together, how can it not be a good look, lol. The way the cutouts are strategically placed to show the skin, and how it looks like on the blouse/jacket/tank top piece they are keyboard/piano keys it’s a nice look. 

[Look 12]
I love the midriff turtleneck paired with the asymmetrically cut skirt. The boots set the look. I mean I’m not even really mad at the Fannie pack. It’s a fun festival look

[Look 18]
She’s giving off that Eddie Murphy Raw vibe no? I might have took it a little too far back with that one, lol. Well how about MJ’s Thriller? …hmm? Lol, the point I’m making is it’s a retro look and it’s a testament that you can’t go wrong with a full red look. 

[Look 33]
Look at her looking like a ray of sunshine. I think this is what would happen if Rock ‘N’ Roll and the Sun got together and made a b-a-b-y. This look is a whole vibe of its own. It’s like she’s not even trying and she’s owning the look and the picture. So effortless. Definitely one of my favorites from the collection. 

[Look 41]
This look right here…This look right here. This look right here is the shhh. Do you not see the man playing the guitar on the shirt and boots? Both boots. This is what you call cleeeeeeeean. I ain’t even mad at’cha with this one Mr. Jean-Raymond. Matter fact #iSeeYou with this one. I just have twenty-eight more pics to go through, but this look will more than likely be my display 

[Look 43]
You know what, it really just dawned on me (43 looks in) that I’m seeing so many vibrant colors because it’s the Spring collection. Don’t judge me, lol. I just gave him props two looks ago and bam look another look with a similar design. You think he heard me, and that’s why he created it? Lol. The skirt is the headliner in this look. The pattern, the graphic design, and the cut make it stand out. 

[Look 46]
I actually like the overall look. I like all the pieces in the look. I LOVE coats/hoodies/jackets/pullovers/etc. So I definitely liked this one. I’m a fan of graphics (as you can probably tell from Looks 41 and 44, lol. So the pant were a must, and You can never go wrong with a black tee/turtleneck/shirt/etc.

[Look 59]
I love this jacket. All three of my favorite colors in one jacket. You win MVP for this one, lol. I like the jacket, the way it fits, and the design/graphics on it. 

I want to Thank You for taking out the time to read my Style post on Pyer Moss’s Spring ’20 RTW collect. If you like it feel free to share it. Thanks again. 


Rome White

Set The Scene: Pyer Moss
Photos: Flippo Fior /

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