Top 5 2012 Men's Fall/Winter Trends

Top 5 2012 Fall/Winter Men’s Trends
By: Rome White

I was on (I think I’m in love with this site, lol) doing some research on some of the top men’s trends for winter/fall 2012. I came across five of the biggest trends that were seen at Fashion Week.This season dawned a lot of different styles. Take a look at the top 5 below.

The New Accent: Leather
Leather is the hottest in trend this year and it was very evident at Paris Fashion Week this year. The trend inspired some memorable looks (smiles) from the YSL jacket (left), and Hermès suit (right). At least now we can think outside of the box from wearing just an “ordinary” leather jacket.


The New Color: Blue-Black
I loved the darker look they had going on this year (versus the “vivid” patterns from last season and the light blues). This season still had the blue going on for the men but instead of the lighter blue this season showed a darker blue mixed with some black pieces as can be seen in Paul Smith (pictured left) and Corneliani (pictured right) collections. The darker colors make the look feel a bit edgier yet not as bold at least in my opinion.

The New Outfit: Playfully Tailored
Suits have always had their space on the runway but this year more than ever showcasing the hottest suit trend out the cropped and oversize outerwear. Burberry Designer Christopher Bailey (left) experimented with the cropped jacket over the tailored suit for a look that was somewhat catchy with the way it makes the silhouette of the model look longer. The next look came from Trussardi (right) and their designer Umit Benan with the oversized outer coat it made the model seem average sized, but gave mob like feel and an air of importance about the person wearing it.

The New Texture: Natural
Natural is the new texture go figure, lol. It’s nothing new to use fur in collections, but this year’s men’s collection showcased bolder expressions of fleece then seen in previous years. The bolder statement was more-so evident in the Lanvin (left) collection where sheep’s fleece was bursting out the collar and the opening of the coat. Prada (right) took a more subtle yet controversial approach using newborn Persian Lamb pelts for their outerwear coats.

The New Shoe: Metal-Detailed
I remember back when I was in the Air Force and my Sergeants’  wearing their black boots with the metal accents added to the bottom (that was in fall 2006), who would have known it would become a hott trend six years later? Custome National (left) and Louis Vuitton (right) added the metallic look to their shoes to bring out a nice trend that I think fits nicely with the right suit.

That was the top 5 men’s trends of 2012. Hopefully the looks you’ve seen will get you ready for the rest of the fall season, and the winter season. Make sure to subscribe and comment.

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